The Alilite roofing system can be used with flat sheet acrylic, polycarbonate and twinwall/multiwall sheets. The  Alilite roofing system is a complete system so the beams, posts,gutters ridge beams, brackets etc are all designed to fit together to produce a high quality structure.


The Alilite system can be attached to any existing timber pergola or outdoor structure with 3 different glazing options so there is a system to fit  your budget. The system also comes with different sized aluminium glazing beams if a new light weight aluminium structure is required. We will use the correct aluminium beams depending on the roof span.


All the aluminium extrusions used in our structures are produced in New Zealand for us so we can offer our extrusions at a very competertive rate. The roof sheets are kept in place with rubber compression fittings that are also produced in New Zealand and are specifically designed for the roof sheets. The Alilite system looks like glass but is much lighter very strong (250 times stronger than glass) and has very good thermal and acoustic properties.


We recommend using plexiglass and polycarbonate sheets because these come with a 15 or 30 year non yellowing warranty. We do not use cheap quality sheets on any of our structures. We use a specialist aluminium engineer to confirm the structural integrity of all our structures. We can offer a full service from design to council compliance and installation.