School Canopies

We can install playground and netball court covers with PVC or corrugated polycarbonate. All our structures are constructed with structural grade aluminium so they are light weight and will last indefinitely. All attachments are stainless steel. All our canopies and covers have built in aluminium gutters. With our PVC canopies we use a custom double clipping system so the PVC in clipped in place in smaller sections and not welded together as one piece. This makes maintenance very easy if there is damage to the PVC fabric we can replace only the damaged panel.


Our large polycarbonate covers have curved aluminium beams and a layer of mesh under the polycarbonate for safety requirements. We use a translucent fabric that lets through a lot of light so even on overcast days there is good light under the shelter.


Our structures are built to a very high standard with only the best materials  and extremely high construction standards.