Canopies, Awnings & Pergolas. Custom made and installed in the Hawkes Bay, Napier & Hastings area.

Our canopies are constructed with custom designed aluminium extrusions. The aluminium is powder coated to match  surrounding  colours. All attachments are stainless steel so our structures will last. We specialize in installing Clearvue, plexiglass and all polycarbonate and Acrylic sheets. We have an aluminium flashing system so we do not leave any rust marks on any of our roofing surfaces.


We have different  glazing bar options so we will choose the right one for your particular situation. The size of the glazing bar and purlins will vary in size depending on the length of the sheets. Small structures will use smaller purlins and long sheets will use larger purlins. This option makes the project far more cost effective.

The flat sheet clearvue and plexiglass sheets are light weight so most existing timber structures can have the sheets attached with no strengthening required or we can build an aluminium structure. Our aluminium gutter can replace your existing gutter so we can attach our purlins with internal brackets onto the new gutter. There are no ugly looking brackets to attach to the house.

We can build flat, curved or pitched canopies, awnings and pergolas.

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