Other Services

We can install horizontal sun screen blinds that fit in a track under the rafters. The pleated blinds can be pulled open when required and pushed back against the house when not needed. The blinds fold up very neatly and they do not take up much room. The blinds come in a variety of colours so they can be matched to your outdoor colour scheme.

A lot of the clearvue, plexiglass and polycarbonate canopies and covers can be very hot overhead in summer. The fitted blinds help keep the heat out and give shade. No need for bulky pull up umbrellas and umbrella stands.

Roll up blinds

Our roll up blinds have a 6 : 1 ratio gear box so the blinds can be rolled up when not in use. We use an aluminium channel on the sides to stop wind blowing into the area. There are stainless steel side locking pins or recessed floor hooks. We do not use zips or metal slides because the clear PVC shrinks in time. All the  aluminium can be powder coated to match the surrounding colour scheme.

We can also supply fitted screens that are clipped into aluminium tracks. It can attach clear screens or mesh fabrics. The system is self tightening so the screens are drum tight. We do not puncture the  PVC with screws it is a clip on system.



Kit set and DIY

All the sections we use in our structures are available for the serious DIY, builders and installers. We can also make up kitsets and you can install your own. We have a number of different lengths available but for larger quantities we can order specific lengths. All aluminium and rubber components are made in New Zealand.


We can supply a number of different roofing alternatives at a very competertive price. With our many years of installation  we can help with installation instructions so you can install the perfect job.

We can offer the roofing sheets and the aluminium  seperatly. For existing wooden structures we have 3 different glazing options.

If you are an Installer please  contact us  and we can supply all your roofing requirements.